Restoration Teylingen

April 7, 2021

The remnants of an impressive ring castle, residential tower and a gatehouse have endured weather and wind for centuries. Following the transfer of the ruin to Monument Property in 2016, preparation for restoration of the residential tower began immediately. The residential tower had a lot of damage to the grouting and bricks due to the ravages of time, and restoration was badly needed to preserve the historical material of the old castle ruinïne to be preserved.

In preparation for the project, a building history survey and structural survey were conducted. For this purpose, scaffolding was installed along the wall in 2017. The wall crown was also examined. On the scaffolding, information was exchanged with the State Property Company, the previous owner, about past work and new insights.



Residential tower restoration


RCE, Province of South Holland, Municipality of Teylingen, Bouwer and de Cock




Short video Ruins of Teylingen

In a next step, an implementation plan was drawn up with the National Cultural Heritage Agency, the province of South Holland and the municipality of Teylingen. Piece by piece, the situation had to be jointly assessed.

A decision on the method of restoration was then made in consultation with all concerned, and the actual restoration was started in September 2017. For the restoration, a grant was received from the Province of South Holland of an amount of €135,000 was granted for the consolidation of the masonry.

After two years of restoring the entire residential tower by just two masons, the restoration will be completed in 2019.

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