Our working method

Our monuments are an important part of shared history and identity. It is up to us to conserve those monuments in a responsible manner and share them with a broad public. We therefore have several teams within our organization, each focusing on an aspect of preservation: management, research and public outreach.

Our passionate team works on a daily basis to preserve our monuments by planning and coordinating maintenance or restoration. Repurposing and preservation projects also play a major role. In addition, we strive to open protected structures to the public both offline and online, to allow as many people as possible to experience the unique settings and historical stories. Whenever possible, the monuments are designated with a function with utility for society.

The team

  • Team: Mark van den Bos

    Mark van den Bos


    Because of his construction and architectural history background, Mark has always been inspired by the history of monumental buildings and their translation into the present. From the moment he took charge of the monuments in 2016, he has seen it as his mission to guide the buildings through the challenges of our time and prepare them for a sustainable, socially meaningful future.

  • Team: Anne Vree

    Anne Vree

    Strategy and Policy

    For as long as she can remember, Anne has had a great passion for art and culture. She has therefore enjoyed studying art history. In addition to art history, Anne studied law. Both studies come in handy in her work as
    a Strategy and Policy Officer.

  • Team: Jeroen van der Werf

    Jeroen van der Werf

    Architectural project manager and building historian

    Jeroen turned his hobby into his profession in 2016, when he had the unique opportunity to be able to take care of the maintenance of Naarden's fortifications. Before that, he had been studying fortifications for some 15 years and had self-published a book about them. In addition, as an architectural project manager and building historian, it suited him particularly well to study the foundation's other monuments as well.

  • Team: Robin Koot

    Robin Koot

    Construction project manager

    While studying architecture, he developed a love for built heritage. Studying architectural history supplemented his practical skills with the necessary theoretical knowledge. By now Robin has been working in the field for quite some time. At Monumentenbezit he focuses mainly on the large maintenance projects and restorations of the objects.

  • Team: Ger Copier

    Ger Copier

    Construction project manager

    A love of materials and craftsmanship guide his view of his work in the position of project manager. When it comes to drawing up a budget or carrying out regular maintenance; craftsmanship and detailing are the basis for this. With his experience as a carpenter, training in architecture and a now extensive experience within the restoration profession, he is committed to the management and preservation of our heritage.

  • Team: Roos Staats

    Roos Staats

    Public outreach project manager

    Roos brings museum expertise to Monument Preservation. She has a background as a museum curator and educator. An ideal combination to figure out how to convey the stories of our monuments to a wide audience. Much of her work is currently focused on the future opening of Buitenplaats Trompenburgh.

  • Team: Josje Stoel

    Josje Stoel

    Project leader

    Josje has over seventeen years of experience as a project manager, fundraiser and program maker in the cultural and heritage sector. In addition to her position at Monumentenbezit, she is also director-director of the Grote Kerk in Veere.

  • Team: Merle Lammers

    Merle Lammers

    Historical researcher

    Military historian Merle focused primarily on personal stories during her studies. Conducting historical research and sharing her finds with a wide audience is her great passion. She is dedicated to finding out and bringing attention to the history of the monuments of Monumentenbezit.

  • Team: Emma Heinhuis

    Emma Heinhuis

    Marketing and Communications

    Immediately after graduating in Cultural Heritage, Emma started working within marketing and communications positions in the cultural sector. In this position, she combines her love for buildings with stories with her specialty. You can contact her about questions around press, social media and communication.

Knowledge sharing and networking


We like to share our knowledge and expertise with the sector, so that (small-scale) colleague institutions can also work well with heritage conservation. We do this by, among other things:

  • Hosting receptions and giving lectures and readings to institutions and or (international) groups.
  • Publishing research results in the form of books, articles and reports, and distributing them to interested parties, specialized associations and foundations, tenants and users.
  • Realizing attractive information services at the monuments themselves.

To share knowledge on an international level, we are members of the network association INTO (International National Trusts Organization). We also work together with Cocari II Foundation Bonaire and Stichting Monumentenzorg Curaçao for the preservation of heritage on the Dutch Caribbean islands. With these parties we are working on a trainee program, where trainees can work at our monuments and those of these Caribbean organizations.

Trainees can also work at Monuments with Heritage Function (MEF). These are monuments where we carry out building archaeological research and restoration, commissioned by an external party. As we previously did for Museumhuis Doorn and the Hague Historical Museum.

We are also affiliated with these (national) associations and networks:

Thus, we hope to exchange knowledge with various organizations in many areas.


For general inquiries: info@monumentenbezit.nl

For questions about managing our monuments: beheer@monumentenbezit.nl

For press inquiries: communicatie@monumentenbezit.nl