Maintenance of Sint Baafskerk

Oct. 30, 2023

As of October 31, 2023, this church in Aardenburg will close its doors to the public again for several months. A good time for Monumentenbezit to perform maintenance. Where normally there are several years for maintenance, now only a few months are available. Robin Koot, our project leader, explains why. 

"With many of our monuments, we spread the regular maintenance, such as painting and plumbing, over several years. In the case of this church, on the contrary, this year we are performing maintenance in one period. This is because the cost of scaffolding is significant. This year a lot of maintenance is needed on the tower, so it is more efficient to do all the work at the same time to save on costs for the tall scaffolding. This is also possible now that the church is in "hibernation. We have already started the first work, as you can see when you are in the neighborhood."

Over the next few months, a lot of work will be done on the church tower. For example, the grouting will be replaced, which is now in rather poor condition. In addition, the wood rot, painting and lead and zinc parts will be repaired. All part of the regular maintenance plan. "When the work is completed, the tower will be in good shape again and the monument will not need any more scaffolding for the time being."

The monument will reopen to the public in May 2024, according to the church's regular schedule.

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