Ruïne van Teylingen

The Teylingen ruins consist of the remains of the thirteenth-century Teylingen castle. The most famous inhabitant of the former castle was the Dutch countess Jacoba van Beieren. At the beginning of the Eighty Years' War, the castle was set on fire and partially destroyed. The residential tower was subsequently repaired and used as a prison, but after a fire in 1677 the damage was not repaired. The ruin now consists of an impressive ring castle 37 meters in diameter in which the remains of the residential tower and a gatehouse stand. The whole is surrounded by a wide moat.



Year built

Thirteenth century


Gentlemen of Teylingen

Original function

Ring castle with residential tower and gatehouse

Special feature

The Dutch countess Jacoba of Bavaria lived here

Owned by Monumentenbezit

Since 2016

Wheelchair accessible


Visitor information

Check the website for all information surrounding opening.

Visiting address:

Teylingerlaan 15a, 2215 RT Voorhout

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