Three roof restorations

Sept. 18, 2023

In recent months we have been working on roof restoration of three monuments in Veere, 's Gravenland and Zaltbommel. In two of the three projects, this work is part of a multi-year maintenance plan. We don't just put a one-time pot of money into the restoration, but ensure that maintenance is looked at every year.

For each monument, we draw up a maintenance vision and link a maintenance strategy to it. On this basis, we inspect the monuments and carry out maintenance. The goal behind each maintenance vision is the preservation of the monument and thus the prevention of large-scale restorations in the future. 

Stadskasteel, Zaltbommel

At the Stadskasteel in Zaltbommel, we performed a roof restoration. The former keeper's house - built at the end of the nineteenth century - received new sovereigns.

Frosts are the top edge tiles of the roof. The old tiles needed to be replaced because they were partially cracked and loose. By replacing the battens, the roof will last for many years.

This was once the residence of the infamous Gelderland general Maarten van Rossem. The house was built around 1535. The duke had it fitted with lavish Renaissance carvings. The building has a striking decorative appearance with towers and battlements, making it better known as the city castle. 

Grote Kerk, Veere

Also in Veere, we are working to repair the roof. The roof slates were too small, causing frequent leaks in the church. In the roof restoration, we are applying slates of a larger size, where the appearance of the roof does not change, but the overlap between them is greater, creating a watertight roof. We also take the opportunity to immediately insulate the roof to make it future-proof.

The name Grote Kerk Veere is no exaggeration in this case. You can see its imposing appearance from afar. The church was founded in 1342, and in addition to its religious function, it also had many other functions, such as military hospital, beggar's workshop and storehouse. At the time of the inundation of Walcheren (1944) and during the Flood Disaster (1953), the church was even used as an emergency shelter for livestock. 

Buitenplaats Trompenburgh, 's Gravenland

At Buitenplaats Trompenburgh, we are working hard on a multi-year restoration. One component is replacing the lead covering on the roof. The old lead had deteriorated and was weathering. Cracks had also appeared in several places. The lead covering is now being replaced in its entirety. It will be vented, which will allow the lead to last much longer. 

More work is being done on Trompenburgh's roof. For example, new paint is being applied to the stairs and railings. Work is also being done to make the roof easily accessible so that the magnificent view can be enjoyed after it opens.

Trompenburgh is a unique top 100 monument. This former country estate of seafarer Cornelis Tromp (1629-1691) from the late Golden Age has survived the centuries largely unchanged. The restoration of this extraordinary building is underway.

Starting in 2025, it should be completed and Trompenburgh will be open to the public. Until then, follow the restoration through the website of Buitenplaats Trompenburgh.


Grote Kerk Veere


Monumental roof restorations


Grote Kerk Veere, Stadskasteel Zaltbommel and Buitenplaats Trompenburgh




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