Preserve a monument with Monumentenbezit! We safeguard monuments for eternity. Together with local stakeholders, we work on a site-by-site basis to develop, open and, where possible, preserve a monument and its grounds. We restore the monument to a stage appropriate to its history and place.

Ruïne van Nuwendoorn

The Ruïne van Nuwendoorn will reopen to the public in July 2023. A difficult monument to exploit, according to Province of Noord-Holland. We took up the challenge and came up with a beautiful result.

Watch the video on securing this monument.

Monument including

Several heritage organizations specialize in a specific type of monument, such as residential or industrial heritage. This is not the case with Monumentenbezit; we are "monument-inclusive. Currently, we have 32 national monuments - about 100 buildings in total - including churches, towers, memorials, ruins, country houses and the fortifications.

All types of monuments are welcome - regardless of technical condition, economic profitability and geographical location. Monumentenbezit is happy to engage with difficult-to-operate monuments.



From disposing of a monument to a future with security: how does Monumentenbezit proceed? Below you can see roughly the process of securing monuments at Monumentenbezit. We would love to get in touch to get acquainted and tell you more about our way of working!



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