Bridge keeper's house Naarden

May 7, 2018

In commissioned by Monumentenbezit was the bridge keeper's house in Naarden was restored in the period between June 2016 and January 2018. The restoration was necessary because the house was unsuitable for regular rental. In addition to the poor condition wawere other the reasonand for the thorough restoration were the presence of asbestos, an improvement in comfort and durability. The untidy grounds around the house illustrated the years of decay.

Preparation for the restoration began in June 2016 and continued through June 2017. During this preparation, an exploratory and color historical survey was conducted by Monumentenbezit and History by Design. In July 2017, the tender took place, awarding the work to Bouwbedrijf van den Hengel. Shortly after the tender, demolition work began. From September, work could begin on recording the wood rot and the execution work. For the shell, these consisted mainly of foundation repair, renewal of the roof, wood rot repair and painting. For the interior, the plumbing and kitchen were addressed and the historic interior parts were restored.



Restoration and renovation


History by design
Construction company van den Hengel




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In the interior, the plumbing and kitchen were addressed and historic interior parts were restored. Completion took place on January 17, 2018. However, construction work continued through the end of April 2018. Due to delay in the foundation repair and weather conditions, the painting work was advanced to the spring so the construction work was completed earlier.

The last bridge keeper's house
The bridge keeper's house dates from 1898 and was built under the supervision of the Captain First Engineer, H.W. Braakman and under the supervision of the supervisor of fortifications, B. Schimmelpenning. The contractor was H.L. Verhaar, who came from Vught. He built the house budgeted at 2,500 guilders for 2,485 guilders. This made it the most expensive 19th-century bridge keeper's house in Naarden. Besides being the most expensive house built, it is also the only remaining 19th-century bridge keeper's house. In fact, there were three other 19th-century bridge keeper's houses in Naarden, all of which have been demolished. The bridge keeper's house on Burgemeester M.P. van Wettumweg has not been demolished, but dates from the second quarter of the twentieth century, so the house does not belong to the military buildings of the fortress.

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