Vestingwerken van Naarden

The Naarden-Vesting is among the best preserved fortified towns in Europe and is best known for its unique star shape. Since 2021, as part of the Dutch Waterline, the fortress has been designated a Unesco World Heritage Site. The fortress as it stands today has been continuously expanded and adapted in the past. Water played a crucial role in this. It is a beautiful place for a walk or a bike or boat ride. In de Gele Loods you can find more information about the history of the fortress, the role of water and all the activities you can do there.



Year built





Among others, Adriaan van Dortsman and Jacobus van Lokhorst


The Genius

Special feature

UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Dutch Water Lines

Owned by Monumentenbezit

Since 2016

Wheelchair accessible


Visitor information

The military buildings are mostly rented out, but Naarden's fortifications are free to visit. There are several activities to explore the beautiful fortifications or to learn more about its history. Visiting the fortress? Start at Gele Loods.

Visiting address:

Ruijsdaelplein 10, 1411 RD Naarden-Vesting

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