Ornament Utrechtse Poort

Jan. 26, 2023

The ornament that originally stood on the Utrechtse Poort in Naarden had disappeared since the 1950s. Thanks to Joop Kruijswijk and Wim Kloosterman, the Utrechtse Poort in Naarden, has its 'trophy of arms' back. Some years back, the two residents of the fortress took the initiative and knocked on our door asking if we were open to producing a reconstruction of the statue.

Work is underway on the oranment on the Utrechtse Poort in Naarden. Utrecht sculptor Willem Noyons accepted the commission for the bronze reconstruction. The old statue could only be seen on old postcards and drawings. Noyons, in daily life also a designer and goldsmith, put many hours with his team into historical research. Aided by data from the National Archives and the National Military Museum, the meaning and dimensions of each part were traced. The objects, basically made of eps foam and wax, shows all the structures that show that one part was made of wood and another part was made of bronze or iron. The entire composition went to the bronze foundry after evaluation and then the ornament was cast in pieces. It was assembled and patinated at the foundry.



Production of bronze reconstruction vanished ornament


Willem Noyons, Nico de Bond




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Crowning complete
In addition to contributions from us as owners of the gate and the city council, Kruijswijk and Kloosterman literally went around raising the money for the reconstruction. We are pleased that with the reconstructed ornament the gate once again has the central crowning as once intended by architect Jacobus van Lokhorst in 1877.

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