Green management Naarden-Vesting

Aug. 7, 2021

Work on the greenery on and around the Naarden Fortifications happens throughout the year. With so much greenery on the fortifications, it is not surprising that dmost of the time is mowing the grass. Because the grass over casemates, bastions and ravelins grows, this is not a flat piece of land. This presents the necessary challenge for mowing entails. The mowing season begins roughly in April and runs through October. During this time, the grass is cut several times. With landscaping and green-heritage specialist Debie&Verkuijl we set out to find the safest and most efficient way to mow.

Mowing on steep ground

We are working on the green management of the Naarden Fortress. For the steep slopes on the bastions we use the so-called spider. This is a radio-controlled rotary mower that gives a good cutting pattern even with high grass. By using a winch, this machine can mow up to an angle of 55 degrees without falling over.



Maintenance of greenery


Debie & Verkuijl




Video on the maintenance of the fortifications of Naarden

Other mowing on the bastions will be done with a go-kart mower or by a tractor with (offset) flail mower. A go-kart mower for rough terrain can mow quite steeply and also very well high gvariety mowing. The tractor used worked is, is a narrow-gauge tractor with wide lawn tires. Because of the wide tires, the ground pressure is low, thus preventing ruts in ground coverage.

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