Restoration of Trompenburgh

Sept. 1, 2021

The restoration of Trompenburgh will take several years. Named after the seafarer Cornelis Tromp (1629-1691), the extraordinary house in the water is one of the most striking examples of seventeenth-century architecture. As with many monuments, Trompenburgh has changed over the centuries. Modifications have been made to both the garden and the interior. The desire was to further restore the unique buitenplaats to its former glory by returning as much as possible to the 17th-century 'Gesamtkunstwerk' that Trompenburgh originally was. 

We are starting the large-scale restoration of Trompenburgh. Monumentenbezit has received a government grant of 2.1 million euros from the National Cultural Heritage Agency for the restoration of the famous country house. Four components will be worked on during the multi-year project: uncovering the monumental paintings, restoring the seventeenth-century garden, widening its opening to the public and reducing CO2 emissions.



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Bureau of Color Research and Restoration, Clover Giant Group, Contractor Rasch, Painting Company Drielinden, MeestersIn, Karres & Brands.




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After obtaining the grant, extensive (follow-up) research was conducted into the finishes of the various rooms in the house and into its building history. Based on the research, Trompenburgh will be restored as much as possible to its seventeenth century state. In 2020, the first work began: uncovering the paintings on the ceiling in the hall, the beams in the hallway and the paneling in the painting room. These works will be completed in 2021.

The floor of the hall, corridor and dome room will be fitted with underfloor heating, powered by a heat pump. Two interior staircases will also be reconstructed, restoring the original route in the house. Following this phase, the restoration of the cupola room has begun and the uncovering of the paintings on the ceiling in a cabinet and the mezzanine. Work is also underway to develop the exhibition program.

Whereas restoration of the garden was limited at the time of the grant application to the National Cultural Heritage Agency, a commitment for a grant by the province of Noord-Holland has made it possible to carry out a comprehensive restoration of the garden. Work is currently underway on the design and will begin in 2023.

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