Kantinegebouw restoration

May 7, 2017

One of the military buildings in the Naarden-Vesting is the old officers' canteen. The striking building on Promersplein was given a new function as a cultural center with small-scale supporting hospitality.

This Kantinegebouw was built in 1880 to serve men and non-commissioned officers. The former used the large hall on the left side of the building; the latter used the small hall on the right at the front of the building. In between was a kitchen with exit doors to both sides. At the back of the building was the billiard room.

Although the function of the building has changed over time and interior window frames have been shifted, the original layout is still almost completely preserved. The largest change, which has taken place to the layout is the conversion of the kitchen into a toilet group in the 1950s.





Leguit and Roos




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To get a good view of the state of the interior and any original elements still in it, the entire building was first carefully stripped on the inside. This revealed a number of surprising parts such as a decorated reed-stucco ceiling and various wall paintings. What is special about the found ceiling is what it tells about the use of the building. As a residence for non-commissioned officers, it was given a little more cachet by the installation of this ceiling. The ceiling has been restored giving the room back that old glory.

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