Repurposing Gebouw G

Feb. 22, 2023

We will start with the repurposing of Building G. The building is part of Bastion Oranje, of Naarden's fortifications. Built in1875, the former bombproof gun cellars and accommodation spaces for men and officers were partially used as storage in recent years. Monumentenbezit conducted research into feasible and meaningful uses and decided to repurpose the spaces into workplaces and studios. Discussions with the municipality and residents of Naarden revealed that there was a great need for this. Thus, the historic spaces once again have a social purpose for the residents of the fortress.

Monumentenbezit is working on the repurposing of Building G in the Naarden Fortress. A basic installation was installed for the development of the workplaces and studios. A group box, sufficient connection points along the wall, a ventilation system and electric heating were installed for each space. A new entrance door, largely glazed, provides more daylight in the originally somewhat dark spaces. The new entrance door is placed directly behind the existing door so that it can remain open when in use. The masonry has been repaired and the vaults cleaned. In addition to the separate rooms being rented out, there is also a common room. In it, a toilet group and a shower room have been placed, for common use.





Contractor: Construction company van den Berg





The fortifications of Naarden are part of the New Dutch Waterline and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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