Jointing and masonry Naarden

March 13, 2019

Naarden' s fortress wall is hundreds of years old. Scattered throughout the fortress is a backlog of maintenance. That is why we are working to improve the pointing and masonry in Naarden.

To improve the overall maintenance condition of the old wall, Monumentenbezit has entered into a partnership with restoration contractor Nico de Bont. The purpose of this cooperation is to work on the maintenance and repair of the pointing and masonry of the fortification wall in phases over the next few years on the basis of a maintenance plan.

The ramparts were made with bricks in the late 17th century and were mostly repaired, improved and modified in the 19th century. As a result, the walls consist of several layers of time. In many cases, the rear part of the walls still consists of the original, 17th-century pointing and masonry and the front layers are 19th-century bricks with 20th-century repairs here and there.  


Repair grouting and masonry


Nico de Bont




Video on the maintenance of the fortifications of Naarden

Conservation of masonry
MMonumentenbezit's vision for the repairs focuses as much as possible on preserving the old masonry. Descending bricks will therefore be reused as much as possible. Only where it is absolutely necessary will new masonry be put in. The new bricks have been fired especially for the Naarden Fortress on the basis of the external characteristics and qualities of the old bricks.

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