Are you joining a young, professional organization with social impact? At Monumentenbezit we work with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team every day to preserve monuments. The monuments we manage are all very different, including five Top 100 monuments and the fortifications of Naarden, which have been designated as a Unesco World Heritage Site. We are a unique organization in the Netherlands that is always evolving. You can expect an informal working atmosphere, with a lot of freedom and room for personal responsibility. Our monuments are located throughout the country, so you always have special workplaces in monumental environments. Besides all that hard work, we regularly organize fun activities together.

On this page you will find our vacancies and information about our (MBO, HBO and WO) internships and traineeships.


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Internships and traineeships

Are you looking for work experience in the heritage sector? You have many opportunities to explore your talents at Monumentenbezit!

In historic preservation, many people work with passion and pleasure to preserve monuments for the future. We want to actively contribute to the education of specialists like you who are needed for restoration and repurposing of protected structures. We are open to the knowledge and insights of new talents and would like to use our experience to train you again to become a heritage professional so that in the future you will again contribute to the preservation of our cultural heritage. Whereas an internship focuses mainly on research, the traineeship will be more like a work-study.

From our research agenda, we offer several opportunities for internships or traineeships in restoration and (building) historical research.


Depending on your studies, you can do an internship with us to gain experience in work preparation on the client side. Think about supporting our project leaders with multi-year maintenance planning, managing projects in progress. There are all kinds of research topics that live within our organization that you can choose from. Take a look at the schedule below.

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Research Agenda

  • Ruïnes van Teylingen and Brederode
  • The current studies of the Teylingen and Brederode ruins raise questions regarding their defensibility and viability. We would like to see more research into the functions of such buildings/spaces.
  • Stadskasteel Zaltbommel 
  • From previous studies and the building's architecture, there are different theories about its function. A further study could shed more light on this. This could include a relationship with other buildings by Maarten van Rossem (Cannenburgh and Duivelshuis).
  • Naarden-Vesting
  • Documents from 1878 express complaints about the livability of the barracks in Naarden. Later that year, several wooden sheds are designed for Naarden. Were these intended as sleeping quarters, or were they not? We would like more research into the functions of the sheds.
  • Buitenplaats Trompenburgh
  • An overarching study of the building's iconographic program. Based on that, can anything be said about the missing paintings in the painting room and the great salet? How do the paintings from the niches around the staircase fit into that program? Can a relationship be established with iconographic programs in the Netherlands or abroad? etc.
  • Buitenplaats Trompenburgh
  • Dive into the archives and discover more about the history of this building, for example, we want to know who was the architect of this building?
  • Kasteel Slangenburg
  • What is the iconographic program of this building? What do the different phases tell us iconographically and is there an interconnection?
  • Mariahoeve
  • Further research into the oeuvre of architect ir.M. Gerritzen.


Just finished with your studies and discover which work field the best at suits you? Orstudy and gain work experienceat the same time? Your can go to at us part-time at work (in addition to a study), where our experienced project managers and researchers you during a particular period, at preferably a year, under their care take. You work actively participate in the organization. This way you discover which field of work suits you best and you are already building a network! Ideal right?

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