Ruïne van Strijen

The Ruïne van Strijen is a remnant of the thirteenth-century castle of Strijen. Willem IV of Strijen had the first castle built and Willem van Duvenvoorde, at the time one of the most powerful and wealthy men of the Low Countries, converted the castle into his main residence. The castle had three floors and the tower, part of which still stands among the trees today, even had six. The fourteenth century was the heyday for the castle. After its destruction during the Eighty Years' War, the castle was never fully restored. There is a fence around the ruins for security reasons, but you can take a nice walk and see the impressive remains.



Year built

Late thirteenth century

Original function

Residential house


Willem van Strijen

Special feature

The 26-meter-high castle tower

Owned by Monumentenbezit

Since 2016

Wheelchair accessible


Visitor information

Access to the castle ruins is limited due to insecurity.

Visiting address:

Kasteeldreef 32, 4907 EA Oosterhout

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