St. Lievensmonster Toren

The St. Lievensmonster tower in Zierikzee belonged to the 15th-century St. Lievensmonster church that originally stood here. In 1832, the church burned down. The only part that survived the fire was the freestanding steeple. The design of the tower was by the Flemish Master Builder Andries I Keldermans. The tower was supposed to be the tallest in the Netherlands (even higher than the Dom tower in Utrecht), but never reached its intended 130 meters.



Year built

From 1454


Andries I Keldermans

Building Style


Past function

St. Lievensmonster church tower

Special feature

The tower was supposed to be 130 meters high

Owned by Monumentenbezit

Since 2016

Wheelchair accessible

Yes, first floor

Visitor information

You can visit the tower through cultural center Centree.

Visiting address:

Kerkplein 2, 4301 EE Zierikzee

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