AIs a remnant of the medieval walls of Zwolle, the Sassenpoort from around 1409 is an impressive and historical highlight, which has been well preserved over the centuries. The high gate with wide passage was an inner gate of the city and connected on the land side to a roundel and an outer gate. The Sassenpoort is in the top 100 of Dutch Monuments. The former city gate can be visited and rented for events.



Year built

About 1409

Restoration architect

Jacobus van Lokhorst

Building Style



City Council

Past function

City Gate

Special feature

Top 100 monument

Owned by Monumentenbezit

Since 2016

Wheelchair accessible

Yes, limited

Visitor information

The Sassenpoort can be visited. On the second floor, you pay by a real gatekeeper and get a nice impression of the stories of how the gate served as a defensive work of the city of Zwolle. They also have fun programming for schools and the building can be rented for meetings and as a wedding venue.

Visiting address:

Sassenstraat 53, 8011 PB Zwolle

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