Ruïne van Nuwendoorn

Like Kasteel Radboud, the Ruïne van Nuwendoorn was built as a coercive castle commissioned by Floris V. It consisted of a residential tower measuring 11 by 11 meters, a main castle measuring 32 by 32 meters and an outer castle. After 1367, the castle is not mentioned anywhere in the archives; it may have disappeared due to a flood. In 1948, the remains were rediscovered. Nuwendoorn is an archaeological national monument and in recent years has had limited access for recreationists and tourists. The castle walls were partially rebuilt with modern materials and the main tower was erected in steel as an observation tower.


Saint Martin

Year built

About 1282


Count Floris V of Holland


It was ultimately never put to use, as Floris V had died before construction was completed

Owned by Monumentenbezit

Since 2022

Wheelchair accessible


Visitor information

Dagelijks geopend van 10.00 tot 17.00 uur, vanaf april tot en met september.

Visiting address:

Burchtweg 3 1744 JE Sint Maarten

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